Servient is Gearing Up for CLOC - Panel to Highlight Halliburton’s Use of Servient's AI for Trade Compliance.

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 The CLOC Annual Legal Operations Institute bills its gathering of corporate legal professionals as the largest in the world, and this year Servient looks forward to participating for its first time. The event, which focuses on optimizing the delivery of legal services to businesses, runs from April 22nd through the 25th.


Servient’s educational session will be held on Tuesday April 24th, and will delve into the successful implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) for compliance-related workflows. The session will provide background on how machine learning works and explain the practical uses of AI in legal operations. The panel includes speakers who have designed, implemented and managed the internal acceptance of an AI solution for trade compliance within Halliburton. 

Dixon Sabin, Director of International Trade Compliance at Halliburton, will discuss Haliburton’s experience in adopting Servient's AI solution with a focusing on management strategies resulting in the support of business users for an AI-driven workflow. Servient’s Founder, Ian Wilson, as well as its Director of R&D, Rohit Kelkar, will discuss how common elements of workflows can be improved with AI, providing a conceptual understanding of how AI can be used to automate business processes, and start explaining how the AI solution was designed and deployed at Halliburton. 

The goal of the session will be to provide attendees with some of the skills to identify and implement use cases where AI can provide practical and achievable improvements to current legal operations. The session has been designed to be both informative and conversational. It will provide working definitions of AI and machine learning and detail the different categories of machine learning use cases. Points of open discussion will involve the common hurdles organizations face in buying into AI, such as skepticism (it’s all just marketing hype), human error versus machine error, past failures and concerns regarding staffing impact. Servient will also detail the standard steps for a successful proof of concept (POC) and the elements of a successful machine learning workflow.

Servient team members will be present for the entire convention at booth number 143 in the exhibit hall. Information on use case applications for international trade compliance (ITC), records management and contract analysis will be available. Servient will also be discussing its on-demand eDiscovery solution that reduces overall costs and speeds up the legal process with simple yet sophisticated self-ingestion of data.

Everyone at Servient is looking forward to this event and the chance to share “real-world” experiences with legal operations professionals. You can learn more about the event by visiting the CLOC website. We hope to see you there!


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