Simple. Intuitive. Powerful.




Access data instantly with self-serve upload and processing. There's no wasted time shipping data and waiting for vendors to process.  Upload and process the data yourself and work on your case immediately.



Processing data yourself means lower processing costs. Transparent, simple pricing  provides a clear understanding of your total eDiscovery costs.


Always remain in complete control of the data.  Control the schedule and achieve the speed you need to prepare your case.

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With the intuitive and easy to use interface you'll be up and reviewing in no time - no costly and lengthy training required!

What our clients are saying

We are delighted with the capability that Servient is demonstrating and the benefits it’s delivering for our clients. Linklaters has always embraced new ideas and technologies that enable us to provide a best in class service and the launch of this service is a real embodiment of that aspiration.

Ben Carroll, Dispute Resolution Partner, Linklaters

Easy to use with advanced machine learning and efficient workflows. Servient allows our firm to handle cases of any size. Servient's machine learning was integral in helping secure a $50M verdict in a case involving millions of documents.

Brad Copenhaver, Partner, Vezina, Lawrence & Piscitelli

Simple - Powerful - Flexible - Cost-Efficient
Enjoy the benefits of cloud-based eDiscovery without compromising functionality.
From import to production, Servient covers all stages of eDiscovery.

Easily upload files directly from your desktop. With a few clicks, import the data into Servient and get to work. 

With the power of the cloud and Servient's distributed processing engine, handle any size case -- from a few GBs of data to several TBs.

Analytic indexing prepares all data for automated machine learning workflows and advanced data visualization.


Triage imported data with an easy-to-use, lightning fast solution.

Execute simple or complex searches to reduce the number of documents assigned to legal review.

Explore and negotiate search terms with visual keyword lists and direct access to keyword statistics. 

Advanced automated keyword guidance and data visualization simplify the ECA workflow. 



Sub-Second Visual Search

Simple or complex searches? 1GB or 20 TBs? No problem, your search returns in less than a second. 

Manage full-text queries, lists of keywords, metadata and review calls in a user experience specially tailored to the nuances of the eDiscovery workflow.  

Filter down results by simply clicking on categories of filters.  Viewing results by file type, date custodian is a simple click away. No need to wrestle with complex search queries to get your work done.

It's time to expect more from your eDiscovery system.


Let The Machine Do The Work

Servient learns from the decisions made on a small subset of documents, automatically identifying the relevant documents in the case and organizing the evidence by subjective category.

The machine learning workflow is simple and straightforward to implement. Servient prompts the lawyer through pre-defined process steps, so there is no need for special expertise or training required to enjoy the benefits of machine learning.


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Browse Topics In The Data

Not sure what you are looking for? No problem.

Servient automatically organizes documents into topic groupings for you and displays what topics are dominant in the groupings.

The visual topic groupings allow you to quickly identify potential topics of interest and immediately view the documents.  Browse through the visual hierarchy to focus in on the most important documents. 


Streamline The Workflow With Flexible Automation

Servient provides a sophisticated workflow engine that allows the user
to set up flexible, automated workflows to streamline the
eDiscovery process. 

Review Manager

Servient's Review Manager allows the user to govern document batching and sets views specific to the review task. Just set it and forget it - the review will run by itself.
The workflow engine also simplifies the machine learning process. Training and review rules can be set up in the Review Manager. The lawyer only needs to review documents and Servient automatically manages the machine learning process.

Servient Studio

Create custom review experience without the need for any coding experience. The Servient Studio allows the user to select fields to view, set the look and feel and implement various business rules in reusable viewer templates. 

Workflow Templates

Even more flexibility is at the user’s fingertips with workflow templates that control keystrokes, hit highlighting and information columns in grids. Assign the predefined templates to saved searches to enable tailored views for other users.
Servient On-Demand provides flexibility to meet the requirements of any case.

Prepare accurate productions quickly with cloud-scaled resources.

Configure slip sheets, load file criteria and image formats, as well as view the status of the process on your production dashboard.

Speed the process by using custom or pre-built templates, including our library of Regulatory Agency templates.

Complete the On-Demand eDiscovery experience by downloading the production set directly to your desktop from Servient.


Machine Learning

More Than Just a Checklist Item

Servient On-Demand is built upon Servient's AI Decision-Making Platform. Leveraging over 10 years of R&D, the Servient AI brings a different level of sophistication to the eDiscovery market.

Servient continuously learns from the user's decisions, intelligently folding in a variety of textual features, metadata, and statistical patterns. Servient provides accurate decisions while limiting the number of documents that must be reviewed to train the models.

Move beyond the "plug-in" approach used in other eDiscovery products and see the difference that Servient's data science brings to the solution.


Cloud Based Technology

Greater Scale -- Lower Costs

Servient is built for the cloud to ensure not only stability and security but also the ability to harness the speed and reduced infrastructure costs that cloud-based applications provide.

With our automated, built-in scaling of compute power, you're able to maintain a consistent throughput, meaning our application automatically scales up as you process more data. And, the resources automatically spin down when the tasks are complete substantially reducing costs.

Servient also leverages cloud object stores to improve overall throughput and further reduce infrastructure costs.

Lower infrastructure expense means that Servient On-Demand delivers a solution that costs less for your clients.

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