A Complete Solution Including The Most Powerful Machine Learning Technology On The Market

Stream Line



to make simpler, more effective, more productive

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Simple Data Ingestion

Servient automates data ingestion. With a few clicks, collected data is processed and available in the application. Servient Enterprise edition ingests data directly from sources such as Office365, Exchange 2013 and SharePoint 2013.

Effective Analysis At Web-Scale

Responding to today's regulatory matters, internal investigations and litigation require advanced analytic tools. Servient, built on a scalable foundation (Hadoop, HBase, SOLR), delivers analytics at Web-Scale.

Focus On The Relevant Records

Servient's integrated machine learning significantly improves productivity. Servient actively learns from the user and quickly identifies relevant documents avoiding the need for expensive linear review.


Reduce Costs, Simplify The Process

Reduce Costs, Simplify The Process

Control Costs

Avoid expensive third-party processing costs by automating data ingestion and connecting directly to enterprise data sources. Substantially reduce the number of documents that require manual legal review.

Predictable Budgeting

Reduce the uncertainty of outdated Per-GB pricing with a software license model or cloud subscription. Eliminate blown budgets caused by off the mark assumptions regarding data volumes.

Intelligent Retrieval of Information

Powerful machine learning allows counsel and compliance officers to quickly identify the information required to conduct internal investigations. Machine learning also allows companies to substantially reduce the number of documents assigned to lawyers for manual review.

Repeatable Business Process

With Servient's end-to-end enterprise system, companies can create an efficient, repeatable business process to manage eDiscovery.

Moving Enterprise eDiscovery Forward

Moving Enterprise eDiscovery Forward

Connected eDiscovery

Servient connects directly to the primary enterprise data sources. Servient leverages the litigation hold and eDiscovery search features contained in Office365. Automatically move data placed on litigation hold into Servient. Data from additional sources such as cloud storage, shared drives, etc., is seamlessly combined with connected data sources through a few mouse clicks.

On The Cloud

Companies and government agencies are rapidly moving infrastructure to the cloud to enjoy greater efficiency and security. Servient architects enterprise solutions for companies and government agencies on Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure. As Servient is built on true Web-Scale technology (Hadoop, Hbase, SOLR), Servient is the perfect solution for cloud-based eDiscovery.

Behind Your Firewall

For companies that want to keep eDiscovery behind their firewall, Servient provides the eDiscovery solution on an enterprise software basis. Servient runs on the latest Hadoop technology including Yarn and Map Reduce 2.0. Companies can efficiently integrate Servient's eDiscovery solution with their other big data initiatives

Hybrid Deployment

Servient provides flexible deployments options allowing companies to deploy portions of the solution on the cloud and other resources behind the firewall. Enterprise clients can connect to internal data sources behind the firewall and still enjoy the flexibility of burstable cloud capacity. Servient's modern technology platform permits a solution to be delivered based on the enterprise client's preferences.


The Optimum Solution For Matters Of All Sizes

Law Firms

Improve Client Service

eDiscovery is now a requirement of all cases -- large and small -- and the volume of data continues to increase. Servient allows law firms to streamline their management of eDiscovery and provide clients with enhanced service. Firms cover the basics of eDiscovery with Servient -- processing, search, tagging -- and also easily integrate advanced analytics into their client service.

Flexible Scale

Servient's elastic processing technology efficiently assigns the required capacity based upon the firm's workload. Law firms can handle small and large cases without the worry of maintaining expensive internal systems that sit idle most of the time or do not have the capacity needed for a larger client matter.

Access Advanced Technology

Servient's market leading machine learning is integrated throughout the platform. Law firms can take advantage of the latest technology innovation without the need to layer extra costs for more advanced tools.

Security Clients Expect

Clients entrust sensitive data to their law firms who are increasingly becoming the target of cyber criminals. Servient provides true enterprise-grade security that exceeds the security levels typically implemented for in-house at law firms. Servient provides continuous monitoring, advanced perimeter protection, intrusion detection, the latest data encryption technology and a team of information security specialists. Servient focuses on security, thereby freeing the law firm to concentrate on legal services.

Advanced eDiscovery - Today's Solution To Power You Into The Legal Practice of Tomorrow

Focus On The Client

Power The Firm With the Cloud

Servient delivers state-of-the-art, cost cutting eDiscovery solutions on highly secure cloud servers. Law firms are immediately up and running with the solutions required to manage today's complex eDiscovery and are continuously provided with updates without burden to IT departments. Firms gain the benefit of in-house solutions without the hassles and with no additional capital costs.

A Solution That Provides A Competitive Edge

Keep The Firm Up To Date

Servient's solution is built from the ground up, a completely proprietary platform. This allows us to continuously upgrade and customize without incurring additional fees or downtime to the user.

Eliminate The Hassles

A law firm's focus needs to be on the client and the law. Servient delivers all of the benefits of an in-house solution while removing the hassles of managing complex data issues.

Reduce Capital Costs

Servient's cloud solution removes the need to purchase and upgrade expensive hardware. Capital expenses that were required to cover hardware, infrastructure and logistics can be eliminated.


Grow Your Business

Grow Your Business

Access Advanced Technology

Service providers can create stronger and longer lasting client relationships by helping their clients handle their cases more effectively. Servient’s service provider business model provides flexible capacity and access to an end-to-end solution that is powered by advanced machine learning. Service providers have access to Servient’s most up to date technology, enabling them to provide superior service and savings to their clients.

Create Consulting Relationships

Servient’s streamlined solution and comprehensive business model allows service providers to build their consulting business. With all of the tools and capacity at the ready, service providers can provide added value consulting in areas such as workflow, review team strategy, machine learning implementation and quality control.

Competitive Differentiation

Service providers improve their competitive position by having an end-to-end solution with features that their clients have never seen before. Service providers can offer their clients more with a proven, feature-rich solution that has advanced technology built in and accessible when the need arises without having to layer additional expenses.

Match Investment to Revenue

Servient allows Service Solution Partners to increase capacity as the need arises, allowing them to grow revenues while controlling expenses. Servient's processing technology matches the required capacity to the current workload. Manage small and large cases without the worry of securing expensive systems that sit idle most of the time or do not have the capacity needed for a larger opportunity.

Processing & Capacity That Flexes With Demand

Capacity On Demand

Stay in control and speed up response time to your clients knowing that all of the provisional processing elements are "at the ready" (servers, hosting, IT needs, back-up, etc.). Processing capacity and advanced eDiscovery tools are immediately available to handle the challenges of today's complex matters.

Servient provides flexible demand to blocks of capacity with access to our eDiscovery platform. Included is ingestion, processing, search & cull, review and advanced machine learning.

Power Your Business

Provide A Complete Solution

Servient's integrated end-to-end solution eliminates the need to purchase multiple applications from a variety of vendors. Servient's flexible business model scales to match capacity need within a highly secure environment.

Guide Your Clients

Servient partners with its providers in guiding their clients through today's increasingly complex eDiscovery challenges. Service providers have ready access to proven applications and the ability to assist their clients in easily incorporating new technology into their matters.

Offer More Services

Compliment and enhance existing service offerings. Improve your competitive position by having a superior solution at the ready.